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Magda Kaczor, child and adolescent psychiatrist, sleep medicine expert, child sleep, Warsaw
dr Magda Kaczor


I am a doctor, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry. Polish Sleep Research Society honored me with the title of the Sleep Medicine Expert.

I obtained medical qualifications at the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw. I have gained experience in working with patients in Poland and in foreign centers. At the beginning of my professional career I had the pleasure to work in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Trust, which allowed me to learn about the rope of British psychiatry. In Poland, I worked in outpatient, inpatient and daily departments. I used to treat patients in multiple centers (Mazowieckie Centrum Neuropsychiatrii, SPDSK in Warsaw, Nowowiejski Hospital in Warsaw, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dialog Therapy Center).

I am the author of many publications in the field of sleep medicine. I created the first Polish monograph on sleep disorders in children addressed to doctors. Recently, I have written a guide about sleep for parents ('Sen u dzieci', printed by Marginesy, 2019). Moreover, I have published articles in Psychiatria Polska, Psychiatria po Dyplomie, Pediatria po Dyplomie. Currently, I also run sleep medicine trainings for professionals and business partners as well as sleeping workshops for parents.

People I work with
Agnieszka Strugacz



tel: 608 411 752

Magdalena Szczęsna, pediatritian, sleep disorders, Warsaw
Magdalena Szczęsna


e-mail: ...
tel: ...

Resume available in Polish only.

Resume available in Polish only.

Olga Maracewicz, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Warsaw
Olga Maracewicz

psychologist - psychotherapist


tel: 604 559 411

Resume available in Polish only.

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